Are the Belle de Jour blogs and books really the work of psychogeographer Iain Sinclair?

In recent weeks I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Iain Sinclair and Audi. The car manufacturer puts it this way: “Author Iain Sinclair joins filmmaker Chris Petit as they take an unusual trip though the North West of England. Available on The Audi Channel SKY 884.”

Richard DeDomenici sent me this message the other day: “What do you think of Iain Sinclair’s Audi advert? I have mixed emotions. Surprise, disappointment, and jealousy.”

I replied: “Oh I have no problems with it… except I don’t  like cars (everyone should use public transport)… but we all have to live out the contradictions of capitalism and Sinclair has paid his dues and deserves to be where he is… and he needs the money… I mean what can you say… He’d probably rather be doing something else but has to pay the bills….same goes for Chris Petit, it’s his advert too..”

Now I’m wondering if next time I see Sinclair he’ll be driving a new Audi rather than his old Merc. But what I’m really looking forward to his new book “Hackney, That Rose-Red Empire: A Confidential Report”, out later this year. That’s gotta be more interesting than an Audi advert, even one featuring Sinclair and Chris Petit!

In terms of Sinclair paying his dues, check out what Ben Watson has to say about him: “The notion of artistic ‘genius’ – a mysterious attribute granted to a few special individuals – allows journalists to pretend that their own lack of literary creativity derives from innate limitations rather than real conditions of life and thought. Sinclair’s ‘vision’ and ‘imagination’ do not spring from nowhere. Born in 1943, success has come late. A ‘literary failure’, he spent the 70s and 80s as a hippie drop-out, parks labourer and book-dealer, publishing his own small-edition runs of poetry. This was a crucial apprenticeship: a commitment to the Word vindicated by Downriver‘s power to awaken us to the realities of London”

Likewise, for my at length take on Sinclair’s films go to:

And if you really want to know, I don’t think Sinclair is Belle de Jour… I mean compare their prose, could anyone (even me!) be that versatile?? And is it actually worth asking the question: “Is Chris Petit the man behind the Belle de Jour persona?” No, I don’t think so. Anyone for Ben Watson as Belle? Now that really would be a groove sensation!

And while you’re at it don’t forget to check – – you know it makes (no) sense!
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Stewart Home was born in south London in 1962. His mother Julia Callan-Thompson was a showgirl and club hostess. He has never held down a regular job for more than a few months at a time. On those rare occasions when he's been forced to work, Home has taken employment as a factory labourer, agricultural labourer, shop assistant, office clerk and art class model. Deciding he didn't like working in factories as a teenager, Home pursued cultural and political interests, writing many books and participating in even more gallery exhibitions.
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37 thoughts on “Are the Belle de Jour blogs and books really the work of psychogeographer Iain Sinclair?

  1. biotron says:

    chew on my oscillating – hence “learned ham” – spam mirror, Trippy!

  2. mistertrippy says:

    Oh dear have I been rumbled??? Caught on camera with a copy of one of the Belle de Jour books…. but look there’s lots of copies of Alan Moore’s Watchmen in the background. It wasn’t me gov, honest, it was Alan Moore!

  3. Hey, great seeing you blogging cap’n. Are you sure you weren’t reaching for that Alex Higgins biography and became side-tracked by the Belle-end-de-jour?

  4. mistertrippy says:

    Ah, the perfect excuse, thanks Mark! Yeah I was reaching for the Alex Higgins when my attention was distracted by a redhead….

  5. and of course sexual intercourse and masturbation are a poor substitute for ‘the real thing’

  6. mistertrippy says:

    Yeah, I always say there’s nothing more post-modern than disappearing up your own arse – and even better, it feels so good too! That is apart from disappearing up someone else’s arse or down a wormhole and emerging at one of The Who’s 1966 gigs at the Marquee. Fake modernism, it’s a groove sensation!

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  13. mistertrippy says:

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  14. mistertrippy says:

    This is very interesting because this WordPress software links you to a site when it can (if you hover over the name at the top of the comment, or click on it) based on the name you choose to use; but of course that means that once you’ve worked this out and realised that your email address doesn’t matter (as long as you’re not a scumbag coz the administrator can use it to trace you), then you can leave fake administrator replies like the one immediately above this… post-modern confusion is like such a complete groove sensation… all it takes is for the actual administrator of the Web 2.0 blog you’re playing around with to dig it enough to refrain from deleting comments pretending to be from them… Thanks Michael and Stewart for letting these stand here! Web 2.1 is about to begin….

  15. mistertrippy says:

    But what happens if I add Gravatar??? Surely that’s based on email! See:

  16. His job is secondary, in some military

    He throws them to an ?electric camp? that wasn’t voluntary

    His daughter’s name is Sherry, his sons are Tom and Jerry

    Jerry had the flu but it was only temporary

    Back in January, or was it February?

  17. Well I might be locked out of my own website (which isn’t a funny situation anyway) but it’s outrageous to be misrepresenting my views on Sinclair’s hubcap action. My original blog, (which I had not yet published but which the hackers had obviously seen in draft from in my doodlebox) is actually here, if this posting actually makes it onto this…erm…that blog

  18. mistertrippy says:

    Oh very funny Michael… erm, I mean Stewart, erm I mean who am I? Erm, I mean who are you????? Post-modern confusion, it’s a groove sensation!

  19. Michael says:

    Those are some ill rhymes Mr. Trippy … or I mean mrtrippy … you’re right, this postmodern confusion IS a groove sensation. BTW, by “you” I don’t mean you, got it? What was this blog about, again?

  20. mistertrippy says:

    Was this the blog about confusion, or erm, was it about something else…. Only you know the answer, erm, I mean only I know the question!

  21. The blog is about how I felt when I saw the Audi advertisement by Sinclair and Petit. I was gob-smacked and felt like I did when the first show of ‘The Man from Auntie’ appeared. It’s as if sell-out doppelgangers of Sinclair and Petit have replaced them

  22. Dire McCain says:

    You kiddies have been bzzzzzzzzzzzy. And I keep bumping into people (I knew in another life) on Faecesbook, some of whom I’m not so sure I want to reconnect with. Hmmmm, what a dilemmennammenna…

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  24. mistertrippy says:

    Oh let’s get everyone off Facebook and onto here… Sinclair still rocks btw!

  25. Yeah…that’s just what K WOULD say…he’s been trying to get us off myspace for years and into The Building which of course either includes or is subsumed by the SHS site. I say we stay where the regular people hang out or it’ll all turn into some kind of back-slapping…erm…I’ll finish this insult later…the bus is coming

  26. mistertrippy says:

    And there I was thinking the real people (whoever they are) hung out at Woolworths…. but now that’s closed I guess Facebook is some sorta cyber substitute….

  27. Dire McCain says:

    “Oh let’s get everyone off Facebook and onto here…”

    They just ain’t catching on, are they? A more aggressive campaign is clearly needed. Of course, the folks I was referring to (above) are people I bamboozled 20 years ago – they can remain on Faecesbook. And whatever you do, don’t tell them where I am, mum’s the word…

    Sssss Sssss…

  28. Tom says:

    We are fixing some of the themes that had troubles with certain browser types. It’ll be back along with 60 or 70 new ones.

    Your friend


  29. Mr. Trippy – good to see you back fighting the good fight in person….was surprised to see Iain and Chris doing stuff with Audi….or to put it an another way, to see Audi doing something with Chris and Iain – I mean, they’ve hardly the global reach of David Beckham.

    Channel 4 have given them a new commission to follow up ‘Radio On’ and they’re heading head off to Germany to film containers. Yes, containers. And Iain’s Hackney book is hardly towing the party political line, struggling for a publisher and irritating the fuck out of Hackney council at a time when the Olympic spotlight swings its way. So think they’re still out on the fringes to be fair, even if they take the money on the rare occassions there’s any on the table.

    In short, they’re not Moby yet, but I take your point!

    (Oh – are you the unnamed ‘anarchist’ in Luke Haines’s ‘Bad Vibes’ memoir who challenges him over his thinking behind the Baader Meinhof album? Just curious….’

    Posted by RICHARD KOVITCH on 04 Jan 2009, 11:03

  30. mistertrippy says:

    Ha ha ha… Yes I know about the “Radio On” follow up…. and the Hackney book etc. See this blog for some of that…. I know Luke but I doubt I’m the unnamed anarchist because I’m not an anarchist and didn’t challenge him over that album as far as I can recall…. Now what the Clash did with those RAF T-shirts really sucked….

  31. Michael Roth says:

    Dire, I accidently revealed your whereabouts while caught up in a rather complex, if not bizarre, Nigerian bank scam run out of an East London flat.

  32. mistertrippy says:

    Don’t worry, her credit cards were already loaded to the max with debt and Tessie wasn’t able to defraud anyone with them…..

  33. Díre McCain says:

    Almost maxed out, which means it may be time to take another powder. But I’m not going to Canada this time around. I’ve heard the weather is lovely in Zembla…

  34. mistertrippy says:

    Or try London, if the UK economy continues going down the pan it may become very cheap, it’s a groove sensation although the weather ain’t so great…. but better than Canada!

  35. Díre McCain says:

    Beep beep! AND no Canadian Content! Which means my tympanic membranes won’t be tortured by the likes of Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, Gordon Lightfoot, etc, every time I walk into a store…

  36. mistertrippy says:

    But you’ll still have to put up with a lot of bad music! Pip pip!