August Is A Slow Month For News…

August is a slow month for news – but remember kids that’s because the news is manufactured by public relations departments and this is when they go on summer holiday in the northern hemisphere. This year we had the misfortune to have the Olympics to obliterate the more usual silly season stories. What amazes me is that much of the media claimed that even cynics were won over by The Games during and after the London Olympics. I haven’t seen any change in attitudes among the people I know who opposed the Olympics for screwing over people in east London. Likewise, while one might admire the skill of some of the athletes, for me the Olympics was still an exercise in corporate branding and patriotic bullshit. My attitude hasn’t changed and I think it is a real shame that some incredible displays of human skill were perverted to benefit right-wing politicians and scummy corporate brands like McDonalds and Coca-Cola. Community sports like 3-sided football remain way superior to the so-called elite sports featured in the Olympics. It is already time to start organising against the 2016 Olympics in Rio!

And while you’re at it don’t forget to check – – you know it makes (no) sense!

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Stewart Home was born in south London in 1962. His mother Julia Callan-Thompson was a showgirl and club hostess. He has never held down a regular job for more than a few months at a time. On those rare occasions when he's been forced to work, Home has taken employment as a factory labourer, agricultural labourer, shop assistant, office clerk and art class model. Deciding he didn't like working in factories as a teenager, Home pursued cultural and political interests, writing many books and participating in even more gallery exhibitions.
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23 thoughts on “August Is A Slow Month For News…

  1. Chus Martinez says:

    And it is an even slower month for comments on the social web!

  2. kent perry says:

    only thing the olympic’s didn’t have was a pack of lions with a Starbucks logo spray painted on them.

  3. Lucy Johnson says:

    I did attend some of this and the patriotic element was truly cringe worthy.

  4. kperry says:

    I am anxiously awaiting Televised Hamster wrestling

  5. mistertrippy says:

    And hamsters – like the working class – have no country. Patriotism just as bad as religion, both stink up the planet!

  6. Louis de Saint-Just says:

    Kinda ironic you posted this the day the story of Prince Hairy’s naked hotel romp photos broke! It goes without saying the royal family would be better off dead – although I don’t think anyone who has looked at Prince Hairy and his brother Prince Willy believes for a minute that they share the same father, and so although he ain’t really a member of the royal family he’d still be better off dead!

  7. Marc Garrett says:

    “while one might admire the skill of some of the athletes, for me the Olympics was still an exercise in corporate branding and patriotic bullshit.” Trippy is right 😉

  8. Michael Cave says:

    I like slow hours better than slow months…..

  9. Orgasm Addict says:

    Slow hours and months are good for a long slow screw..

  10. Lucy Johnson says:

    Harry’s antics can hardly be described as ‘news’. Young man likes to get naked with females. Surprise of the century. A bit of half buff male flesh is a welcome relief amidst the acres of t and a.

  11. mistertrippy says:

    I agree but shame it wasn’t full-on buff male flesh…. still you can’t expect that from a royal even if everyone in the media thinks his father is actually James Hewitt….. although I think his dad could be almost anyone (and he certainly doesn’t look like his brother or his alleged father Big Ears)….. he also comes across as being really thick whenever you see film of him talking and personally I don’t find upper-class twittery and stupidity at all attractive! That is the advantage of the photos I guess, they don’t bring out his full stupidity!

  12. Neville Punter says:

    The strip billiards incident might come under the category of bed hopping – which does seem to merit Olympic sport status although it ain’t got it yet!

  13. Robert Manry says:

    And talking of the Olympics don’t you think Seb Coe comes across as a self-serving and utter tosser? He has all the credentials – don’t forget at one time he was also a Tory MP!

  14. Cliff Twemlow says:

    When they put teeth in Prince Hairy’s face they ruined a perfectly good arse!

  15. Lucy Johnson says:

    It’s the red hair I’m afraid.

  16. Lucy Johnson says:

    No he is nauseating in actuality.

  17. mistertrippy says:

    He’s not at all pleasant being a typical upper class twit – and I guess you’re right about the red hair being a real indication that his dad is not Chaz The Chump!

  18. Lucy Johnson says:

    What a bunch.

  19. mistertrippy says:

    And if you made a TV programme about them it would be closer to The Munsters than The Brady Bunch!

  20. Lucy Johnson says:

    I am stuck for words-but laughing-Mr Trippy has hit the nail on the head again!

  21. Edna Welthorpe says:

    Stuart you’re so right, and what is more disgusting is the pare-olympics being sponsored by Atos. As for Harry….well it would be nice just to ignore that family, and hope they go away, preferably to the guillotine.

  22. Edna Welthorpe says:

    The Brady Bunch? Far more scary than The Munsters or The Addams family!

  23. mistertrippy says:

    Off with their heads!