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10 Reasons Why List Blogs Suck!

1. The numbered lists found both online are all too often incoherent – rather than making real connections the blogger just ranks random statements. 2. Best of lists are not only subjective, ninety-nine percent of the time they’re not nearly … Continue reading

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When Will The Art Bubble Burst?

An economic bubble is trade in high volumes at prices that are considerably above the intrinsic value of the product or service in question. In other words an economic bubble is the exchange of products or assets at inflated prices. … Continue reading

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August Is A Slow Month For News…

August is a slow month for news – but remember kids that’s because the news is manufactured by public relations departments and this is when they go on summer holiday in the northern hemisphere. This year we had the misfortune … Continue reading

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Mister Trippy At Sight And Sound Greatest Film Poll

A month or three ago the BFI’s Sight and Sound magazine asked me to contribute my top ten films of all time for their 2012 critics poll. Now the BFI has published the results of their poll listing both the … Continue reading

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