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The Art Strike Papers is a substantial collection of material produced in response to the Art Strike 1990-93. It is made up entirely of pieces which have appeared since the publication of The Art Strike Handbook in April 1989.

Introduction - James Mannox
About the Art Strike - Stewart Home
Blowing the Strike - Sadie Plant
Striking at the heart of art - Nik Houghton
Artistic Disarmament - Mr Jones
On The Art Strike - Bob Black
Art Strike Action in Albany - Bob Black & others
Just Say No - Edward Ball
The Art Strike Fire - Rachel Kaplan
Extracts from YAWN - various authors
Art No More - Alastair Mabbott
Thoughts About the Art Strike - Florian Cramer
Stewart Home interviewed by Simon Reynolds
Extracts from Bloatstick - various authors
Message from Carl Andre
Walking Across Scabby Water - Miekal And
Struck by the Art Strike - Elizabeth Was
Art Strike - Matthew Fuller
No art for art's sake - Michael Anft
The end of everything - C. Carr
Extract from Novoid 7 - Colin Hinz
Networking the 90s - John Held Jr.
Twenty Questions About The Art Strike - ASAC-CA
Confession in support of the 1990-93 Art Strike - Tim Ore
The International Strike of Artists? - various authors
Art & Class - Stewart Home
Publishing history of this book (first printed edition 1991)

"The Art Strike is surely the proverbial last word in the sorry saga of anti-artism. It has the dubious virtue of providing for its own supersession by being a conscious simulation a veritable mockery of itself. As pure negation, however, it would surely be more valuable if it were only a little more obviously insincere" Mike Peters and Steve Bushell 'Concluding Unartistic Postscript'

"The importance of the Art Strike lies not in its feasibility but in the possibilities it opens up for intensifying the class war. The Art Strike addresses a series of issues: most important amongst these is the fact that the socially imposed hierarchy of the arts can be actively and aggressively challenged.. The organisers of the Art Strike have quite consciously exploited the fact that within this society what is simulated tends to become real." Stewart Home 'Art Strike 1990-1993'

"Making the Art Strike (quasi) real is a series of documents that discuss the act of negation, of not doing art.. the texts serve as the simulated reality of an organised strike" Anon 'Strike Out On Your Own: A Reader's Guide to Simulated Reality in the Years Without Art'

"The Strikers quote Jean Baudrillard's statement: 'Art no longer contests anything, if it ever did.' But does refusing to make art contest anything? If only it did." C. Carr 'The End of Everything'

British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Home, Stewart 1962 Neoist manifestos.

I. Arts I. Title II. Mannox, James III. The Art strike papers 700 ISBN 1-873176-15-5

The following was previously published by AK Press, 22 Lutton Place, Edinburgh, Scotland EH8 9PE in 1991 back to back with Neoist Manifestos by Stewart Home. This is only a very small sample of Art Strike material and doesn't include any of the vast number of graphics.

Apart from this, the most readily available stuff is contained in the 38 issues of YAWN published by the Drawing Legion, PO Box 227, Iowa City, IA 52244, USA, send an SAE or IRC for details of availability of back issues and prices.

The National Art Library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington, London SW7 2RL holds a substantial collection of press cuttings on Stewart Home including much about the Art Strike.

Assessing The Art Strike (1993 reflections on Art Strike by Home)

Art Strike Biennial


Art Strike Papers edited by James Mannox cover
UK edition.

Art Strike Papers cover of Brazillian edition
In Portuguese from Conrad of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

badges promoting the Art Strike
Small selection of badges in support of the Art Strike and related praxis. Thousands of these were distributed in numerous colour variations and some featured graphics and slogans not shown here.