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For those of my books in print your best bet is to either go to a bookshop, the publisher's website, Amazon.co.uk or various book price comparison websites such as BookFinder.com or Find-book.co.uk. For out of print items try a search on AbeBooks.co.uk. Some items out of print in English are still readily available in other languages. A little more on people who stock and distribute Stewart Home books is here.

I can supply the following items and within Europe will normally do so faster on Sabotage publications than if you use another ordering service:


Neoist Manifestos by Stewart Home coverAssault on Culture by Stewart Home cover


Pure Mania (Original Edition, Pierpoint Press), £8.99 now available from in hardback and paperback from Leamington Books via Waterstones

Art School Orgy (New Reality Records) 292 pages, publication date: 9th January 2023. £20

Defiant Pose (Republished in paperback by Penny Ante Press, November 2016) $15.95. First hardback edition Peter Owen Ltd, November 1, 1991.

Down & Out in Shoreditch & Hoxton (Do-Not Press) £7.99.

Red London (AK Press). out of print.

Neoism Plagiarism & Praxis (AK Press). currently unavailable.

Neoist Manifestos (bound with The Art Strike Papers edited by James Mannox - AK Press). currently unavailable.

The Assault On Culture: Utopian currents from lettrisme to class war (AK Press). currently unavailable.


Amputee Sex (Sabotage Editions) out of print.

Bubonic Plagiarism (Sabotage Editions) out of print.

The Easy Way to Falsify Your Credit Rating (Sabotage Editions). out of print.

The Correct Way to Boil Water (Sabotage Editions). out of print.

The Intelligent Person's Guide to Changing a Light Bulb (Sabotage Editions). out of print.

Repetitions: A collection of proletarian pleasures ranging from rodent worship to ethical relativism appended with a critique of unicursal reason (Sabotage Editions). out of print.

Anamorphosis: Stewart Home, Searchlight & the plot to destroy civilisation (as “Larry O'Hara” & Friends – Sabotage Editions, London 2000). out of print.

Out-Takes (Sabotage Editions). out of print.


All payments must be in sterling and cheques must be drawn on a UK bank. Cheques should be made payable to Stewart Home. You can send cash at your own risk, cash must also be sterling.

Please remember to list the items you want and include the address where you want the goods sent.
Post £1 per item if mailed to a UK address.
Outside UK add £2 per item for postage.
Items will be sent airmail to Europe, surface elsewhere.

Send orders to: Stewart Home... address defunct & removed, this is a historic site it is no longer updated.

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