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OUT-TAKES by Stewart Home & "Friends". Sabotage Editions, London 1998, ISBN 0951441760

From the back cover:
After reading a satirical leaflet by Stewart Home, deranged school teacher Larry O'Hara became convinced the novelist was a paid agent of the British state. O'Hara has even published an account of concealing himself in the doorway of The Flying Scotsman pub near Kings X station to spy on Home. O'Hara's paranoid fantasies are just one of the many amazing responses to the writing of arch wind up merchant Stewart Home.

What is satire? It is a form of humour that can dissolve character armour and bring blisters to the cheeks of those lampooned. Stewart Home is an ink viper whose poisoned pen reduces grown men to tears. You will not only be amused and astounded by this collection of ingenious and poetic invective, you will learn exactly how the likes of school teachers and cops are taken in by utterly absurd and ironic statements. Entertaining and educational, Out-Takes will keep you on your toes, while simultaneously proving that authority figures are even dumber than you imagined.

"Ego-fuelled dyspepsia." John 'Porno' Roberts.

"There is no writer, at least in the realm of history, who has not made some false statement." Flavius Vopiscus.

Not all the material in this pamphlet has been placed on this website, but here's a list of some of the pieces from it that are available here:

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Incidentally I chose the title Out-Takes because I was interested to test my belief that deliberately making a publication sound boring would simultaneously make it harder to sell; and I proved myself right! The statement also applies to my pamphlets Analecta and Repetitions.

68 pages


Out-Takes by Stewart Home cover