31 posts in 31 days… now I'm gonna slow down…

Blogging can be a curious experience, sometimes it makes 3 weeks feel like a life-time ago. Talking of which, only 20 days have passed since I reviewed a recent book by Ken Wark, although subjectively for me it feels like this was done back in my 2006 MySpace blog days. In his tome, Wark observed: “The newspapers are devolving, bit by bit, into shopping guides. The ‘quality’ magazines are just coded investment advice. One turns with hope to the blogosphere, only to find that it mostly just mimics the very media to which it claims to be an alternative. Alternative turns out just to mean cheaper…” I like that quote, and while there are some blogs drifting through the depths of cyber-space that groove me, many are just a waste of time. Indeed, one of my mantras is: ‘if I want to see anything worth reading, then I have to write it myself’.’
A lot of blogs would be massively improved if those running them actually rewrote and edited what they’ve banged out, rather than just sticking it straight up online. I try to write my blogs the day before I post them, so that I can sleep on what I’ve written and revise it the next day. That said, a daily blog can often surprise its producer, as well as its readers, by forcing them to come up with something they’d never have thought of writing if they hadn’t felt under pressure to do so.
Prior to installing WordPress on the back end of this website a month ago, I hadn’t been blogging since March 2008, and a daily blog for January was a good way of getting back into the swing of things – while simultaneously creating a sufficient mass of material to make this new non-MySpace Mister Trippy blog worth visiting. But from here on in I’m going to slow down in my postings, and while I’ll keep right on blogging, I’m not necessarily going to be doing so daily. So if you turn up here in the future and there’s nothing new, please do go ahead and add comments to the old posts. And then come back in a day or two when there will be something new….
And while you’re at it don’t forget to check – http://www.stewarthomesociety.org/ – you know it makes (no) sense!


Comment by Jay Jopling Inc. on 2009-01-31 13:13:57 +0000

I’m glad to hear that you’re slowing down on this stupd non-money making blog. Now will you please sit down and read through those emails I’ve been sending you and give proper consideration to my proposition? Stick with me kid and I’ll make you the new Leonardo Da Vinci!

Comment by Andy Warhol on 2009-01-31 13:18:13 +0000

Everyone should be a blogger for 15 minutes everyday….

Comment by Red Veg on 2009-01-31 13:29:04 +0000

But bad writing is just like such a groove sensation!

Comment by THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE PENSIONABLE on 2009-01-31 15:40:30 +0000

Hey….it was a good blast…but with the economic downslung (erm..or something) in progress (according to ‘reports’), blogging capacity is bound to ‘suffer’ unless, like me, you’ve got a shedload of pre blogging-era blogmails to turn into blogs. Or the Goddess of Spam breathing over your shoulder (she’s hot when she does that).
Have I written enough yet?

Comment by howling wizard shrieking toad on 2009-01-31 18:11:50 +0000

Did you miss me? I have been visiting other cave dwelling heraclitean plotinus inspired recluses.
I am back.
People are no good.

Comment by mistertrippy on 2009-01-31 20:32:49 +0000

We missed you howling wizard shrieking toad, if only you’d stuck around I might have decided to continue the daily post throughout February… but too late now, I’ve announced it ain’t daily no more….

Comment by Vivian Kilbride on 2009-01-31 20:40:58 +0000

I agree it’s great to wait, writingwise…

Comment by Muddy Waters on 2009-01-31 21:29:21 +0000

Hello people, now everyone loves a good stage name right? Just as good as an amusingly titled porn movie or star (my current porn star name is Smokey McPole and I’d love to film a movie called the Bone Ranger) is a good stage name. The one I’ve settled on for myself is Archie McRiff. Opinions please? I like Dolf de Datsun as a stage name, Jimmy Christmas, Skullbucket (wonderfully minimalist, from the Deja Voodoo cover band on the BOTY show)

Comment by Wilson Bryan Key on 2009-01-31 21:45:50 +0000

Your blog contains dangerous subliminal messages and I will act as a court witness to anyone who has enough money to sue you and a little left over to pay me for my time… just don’t say the words Judas Priest… oops, now I’ve gone and done it!

Comment by Digital Don on 2009-01-31 22:37:52 +0000

Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos and videos to the world…

Comment by Art Slut on 2009-01-31 22:59:36 +0000

The ART SLUT Gallery is a place where you can showcase your work & it’s COMING REALLY SOON!!!!!!!!!! We’ll help you make the cakey money too, ‘Cause We Love Ya’!!

Comment by Michael K on 2009-02-01 00:13:35 +0000

I’ll believe anything if it gets me a free set of wine glasses!

Comment by Msmarmitelover on 2009-02-01 00:17:22 +0000

  1. congratulations on writing 31 posts in 31 days. No mean feat.
  2. The comments were very enjoyable this time. I particularly liked the ones by Jay Jopling, Andy Warhol, howling wizard shrieking toad and wilson Bryan Key.

Comment by Time Traveller on 2009-02-01 00:32:03 +0000

we are all klones… none of this is real expect for the fish… and what about Ron English! V for Vendetta, W for Wicked!

Comment by Dire McCain on 2009-02-01 00:32:44 +0000

And the Plants…

Comment by Tony Parsons on 2009-02-01 00:33:36 +0000

Sleep perchance to dream… I am knackered. L for Lambretta!

Comment by Dave Kelso-Mitchell on 2009-02-01 00:34:50 +0000

K for Ketamine!

Comment by Msmarmitelover on 2009-02-01 00:53:10 +0000

Can I invade your blog with my life?
I had a weird Saturday night. I was, last minute, asked out by a young Asian man. I didn’t really want to go but I was bored and lonely so I thought, what the hell, give the guy a chance!
I met him, and he said he was Japanese. He span this whole story about being Japanese, spending christmas there etc. I don’t know why, it’s not like I can tell the difference, but I had the strangest feeling that he wasn’t Japanese.
We went to a Chinese restaurant where he started fluently speaking what sounded like Chinese to the waitress. I asked the waitress ‘are you Japanese?’. She said no. He said that it was strange but that he didn’t speak Japanese but that he had picked up Chinese merely by coming to restaurants.
I then asked the young man several questions about Japanese culture,none of which he knew the answer to. He didn’t know about J-rock, Japanese food or harajuku girls. I concluded that he was in fact Chinese.
I told him that I did not believe that he was Japanese, that I did not feel comfortable with him and that I was leaving. He said ok and pushed the bill towards me. I said no, you invited me, you are paying. He said ‘well that is just ridiculous’.
I left. When I got home I googled “Do Chinese people pretend to be Japanese?”. Google threw up several results. Chinese people do pretend to be Japanese.
I then looked at my mobile phone and the young man had texted me with one word: bitch.

Comment by Hamburglar on 2009-02-01 01:59:37 +0000


Comment by Lumpy Rutherford on 2009-02-01 02:09:04 +0000

Wow I’m really stoned… really tripping… out of… I’ve gone and… I shouldn’t have gotten this high… I didn’t take enough acid to get this high… even my playthings walked to Saturn… bend pencil erasers… delicious… apples explode into butterflies… I gotta get outta here… one two three four… I can hardly see… tombs interlocking… too much acid… too many colours blown up in my face…

Comment by Tara Gynoid on 2009-02-01 03:23:36 +0000

Hey hey cutie
I’m browsing profiles with my new roommate’s account. I’m new to the area, looking for some fun. I know nothing about online dating either ;-). If you want to email me back use, jenny_foxter_o at yahoo. I would like to date a man who can breathe fresh air into my life. I’m looking for someone open, witty and outgoing. I love the smart types! I love doing many activities but for the most part enjoy going shopping, watching movies, eating at small restaurants and yes, I enjoy basketball.
Have a wonderful day

Comment by jennifer aka mary magdelane on 2009-02-01 08:37:23 +0000

Where the hell have I been?? I mean..what the fuuuccckkkk!?

Comment by Christopher Nosnibor on 2009-02-01 20:52:36 +0000

Well I generally find it enough of a commitment to post a weekly blog – I like to think it’s a balance between quantity and quality, but the simple fact is that working for the Man doesn’t really allow time for a daily blog in addition to having a life. Or maybe I just don’t consume as much coffee as is required to sustain such an output… whatever, the effects of blogging and existing in the virtual world for any significant time can have a strange effect on one’s perception of time and many other things. Perhaps I shall get hold of (and try to read) Wark’s book while the blogging pace slows a bit.

Comment by Kerstin Rodgers on 2009-02-02 15:17:57 +0000

That’ll serve Marmite Lover right for trying to make the beast with two backs on a Saturday night instead of relaxing over a glass of red and a Jilly Cooper novel. And as for chinese pretending to be japanese, it’s much easier than that to unmask them. Just pull out a cmera and if they make the V sign and a cheesy grin, then they’re authentic japanese. Chinese people, when posing for photgraphs, are usually at pains to look grumpy so that any relatives in sweat-shops back in the Communist nirvana, dont get too jealous of their holiday exploits.
Don’t ask me how I know all this. It was told to me in strictest confidence by a Chinese woman pretending to be a japanese businessman

Comment by Michael Kearney on 2009-02-02 15:21:32 +0000

While all of this identity fakery is a welcome contribution to the campaign to make our British streets safer for British people to walk down (or up), I wonder what Christopher Rosnibor (made up name) would say if he knew his identity was being faked by Brian Sewell?

Comment by Msmarmitelover on 2009-02-02 16:35:05 +0000

You are absolutely correct Cliff. I should have chatted with you on FB instead. At least you are only pretending to be Michael K and have finally admitted that you have two eyes instead of just the one.

Comment by Michael Kearney on 2009-02-02 17:25:47 +0000

All I learned from 30 years in the music busyness (sic) was ‘Assume Nothing’. I could be myself but regreat that I’m probably not.

Comment by mistertrippy on 2009-02-02 19:39:44 +0000

You could be yourself but you’re probably not! That almost certainly means we’re the same person! Like wow, I’ve always wanted to meet you, erm, I mean meet me….

Comment by Sigue Sigue Sputnik on 2009-02-03 13:43:39 +0000

Keeping in tocuh with yourself in an ever-changing groove-whirl is, like, pure horny!

Comment by mistertrippy on 2009-02-03 14:37:13 +0000

Akismet has protected my site from 209 spam comments already, but there’s nothing in my spam queue at the moment.

Comment by Sigue Sigue Sputnik on 2009-02-03 15:42:14 +0000

Hey whatever happened to the Goddess of Spam? Does she still write? You should have got with her, dude. She’s, like, red HOT!

Comment by mistertrippy on 2009-02-05 01:45:51 +0000

Maybe if I get rid of Akismet The Goddess of Spam will return…..

Comment by Confused of Cherry Valley Constituency on 2009-02-06 12:26:00 +0000

Wasn’t Akismet the Goddess of Hellfire rightly denounced by the Rev Ian Paisley during his first meeting of ‘The Third Force’ up a hill in County Antrim in 1982?

Comment by mistertrippy on 2009-02-06 20:05:02 +0000

Yes but Paisley doesn’t know his earhole from his arsehole, which is no doubt why rent boys hate him as a john…..

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