The Downing Street Affair

At the beginning of this month (June 2013) news broke of a love affair that might rock Downing Street, and this became known as the Downing Street Affair. The sex scandal was said to be so shocking that it could throw the British government into crisis if the public knew about it. However the so called ‘legacy’ media claimed the names of those involved couldn’t be published for legal reasons. The internet was rife with speculation as to who the middle-aged mystery pair might be – but within a week interest faded away. Because some things shouldn’t be allowed to disappear – and I’d like to know whether this was a real story or just ‘legacy’ media hype – I thought I’d blog a list of anagrams and near anagrams of ‘the Downing Street affair’. Someone else might like to publish a list of anagrams of those involved, but since I found the two leading couples that emerged from internet speculation pretty boring, I won’t bother with that now. And you have to work out for yourself which of the following are genuine anagrams for ‘the Downing Street affair’ and which stray a little from using the correct letters!
Resignation Draft Few te he
We Draft Resignation F*!
Twats are doing it!
Drawing fate in the forest
The far finger wants to die
New fasteroid threat fing
I defeat frowning threats
Winning start to free head f
The differing rats eat own
Hedonist Twat Refer Fagin
Ten disown a fart. The Grief.
A forth tender fisting. Awe.
Fes fears the drowning trait.
Fat-witted if as greenhorn?
The Fat Faint Green Words…
A Festering Twofer Ad Hint

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