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Single CD album of Stewart Home's novel Pure Mania (Polygon Books, Edinburgh 1989) as abridged & read by the author. Catalogue #: KMOB 4.

Pure Mania is set in an almost fictional anarcho-punk milieu around the squats and council estates of East London. This trashy adventure story takes the form of a blatantly falsified tour of eighties youth trends. It's a pastiche of the fiction published by New English Library during the 1970's. It's a fearless exploration of the sexual underground. It's the best read since NEL published Richard Allen's Skinhead twenty years ago.

Sleave and booklet designed by Slim Smith, front cover painting of Stewart Home by Julia King. Sleeve photography by Avi Pichon , Mairead McKay , Marcel Leilenhof , Mark Bailey.

Recorded 19 June 1998 at The Instrument, 427-429 Harrow Road, London W10 4RE. Published by King Mob, 91 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL. Manufactured in the UK by Key Productions, London. Retail sales and marketing by 3MV. Distributed by Sony. Please note this release is now deleted.

01. The Landlord Was Unlocking The Door... (1:33)
02. Case Poured His Guest A 100 Pipers... (5:58)
03. The Teviot Was Situated... (2:35)
04. The Moulders Arms Was Packed... (2:01)
05. Tracy Wasn't Sure Why... (3:26)
06. Sunday Came And Tracy... (3:10)
07. Paul Doug Dave And John... (1:11)
08. It Was One Of Those Warm Spring Days... (3:34)
09. In Richmond Park Alan Was Crying... (1:09)
10. After Hearing The First News Report... (4:23)
11. Paul Was Unable To Sleep... (6:09)
12. Christine Had Taken Alan... (2:10)
13. Tracy Smith Was Late... (1:19)
14. Top Literary Critic Elizabeth Cranshaw... (1:45)
15. Tracy Had Never Felt So Trapped... (2:00)
16. The Ten Bells Was As Hot And Steamy... (1:11)
17. Tracy Hadn't Seen Paul... (2:04)
18. Chickenfeed Was Grinning... (1:27)
19. Alvin Peters Lead Guitar And Voice... (1:55)
20. The Torquee Filled Quickly... (2:46)
21. The Party Was To Celebrate... (3:08)
22. Derek Jacobs Was Propping Up The Bar... (0:54)
23. Paul Was In Bed... (1:43)
24. The Tour Had Been Exhausting... (2:35)
25. Chickenfeed Wondered How Long... (0:33)
26. The Police Summoned Tracy... (0:40)
27. Reporters Crowded Around Alienation... (1:09)
28. Back In The Old Days... (2:38)
29. The Prime Minister Was Worried... (2:32)
30. When One Of The Tabloids... (2:11)
31. When Paul Heard The Sentence... (0:31)

If you want to listen to the album click on the individual links on the track; or alternatively go to the audio page where you can find both these tracks and many others...

BTW: I changed the ending on the abridged audio version of Pure Mania. I recorded it at the Mute Studios in Harrow Road, London. I had a cold at the time, and the studio engineer insisted on taking a break half way through to watch a football match on TV. I'm not interested in football so went out to a cafe where I drank a lot of coffee. When I got back to the studio the phlegm in my throat had shifted and I thought I sounded completely different. Try listening to it and see if you can spot the break. Still Paul Smith who ran the King Mob spoken word label was happy with it, and really did me proud in terms of packaging. I was encouraged to make suggestions to the designer Slim Smith and I think in terms of 'look' this is a millions times better than my other CD releases (and most of my books too).

Bar code number: 5 037337 200044.
Additional back sleeve numbering: 1 902670 04 3.
Audio book ISBN-10: 1841660442.
Audio book ISBN-13: 978-1841660448.
ASIN: B00000IB7X.

Page about the Pure Mania book.

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Pure Mania by Stewart Home CD cover
Pure Mania audio CD.

sticker promoting Pure Mania

sticker promoting Pure Mania

sticker promoting Pure Mania

sticker promoting Pure Mania

sticker promoting Pure Mania

sticker promoting Pure Mania

I plastered parts of east London with these stickers, and in the process really confused 'extremist' political parties of both 'left' and 'right', whose graphics I was parodying - they didn't have a clue what I was about.