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Wakeford's Wiki Wars: Time for truth?

In early June 2007 Tony Wakeford (proprietor of Tursa Records etc.) appears to have become rather anxious about some additions to various Wikipedia (the user generated online encyclopedia) entries about him and his 'musical' projects. Several suffered curious deletions by a Wiki user going by the name Tursa. Here is one of the shorter entries prior to these cuts:

"Above The Ruins were an English band fronted by Tony Wakeford. After being asked to leave Death In June, Tony Wakeford formed Above the Ruins and released one album, "Songs of the Wolf". The album's sound was similar to the dark post-punk of early Death In June. Wakeford then changed the name of Above The Ruins to Sol Invictus in an attempt to disguise the origins of the project in the fascist (British) National Front; the only Above The Ruins line-up of Wakeford, Ian Read, Gary Smith and Liz Grey are featured on the first Sol Invictus album "Against The Modern World". After the first Sol Invictus release Gary Smith left but continued playing in No Remorse; Liz Grey also left after this first Sol Invictus album. The group also contributed a track to the (British) National Front benefit album "No Surrender vol 1" alongside the Nazi groups Skrewdriver and No Remorse."

Wiki user Tursa (presumably "Too Thick To Rock" Wakeford but if not him then certainly someone closely involved with him, such as his wife) cut the following:: "Wakeford then changed the name of Above The Ruins to Sol Invictus in an attempt to disguise the origins of the project in the fascist (British) National Front; the only Above The Ruins line-up of Wakeford, Ian Read, Gary Smith and Liz Grey are featured on the first Sol Invictus album "Against The Modern World". After the first Sol Invictus release Gary Smith left but continued playing in No Remorse; Liz Grey also left after this first Sol Invictus album." Wikipedia (which allows access to old edits and discussion of them) provides the following information about this: "Tursa contributions to Wikipedia 09:01, 3 June 2007 (hist) (diff) Above The Ruins (All deleted as untrue. No one apart from Tony Wakeford was in atr and Sol.)." Since Wakeford at one time disingenuously claimed he hadn't been in 'atr' (Above The Ruins), I am disinclined to believe it when he and those around him claim that the line-up of Above The Ruins and early Sol Invictus did not coincide. Before it appeared on Wikipedia, the information about the Above The Ruins line-up could already be found on openly Nazi sites including one run by a member of the band Brutal Attack, who precisely because he is a fascist scumbag is in a position to know the score on this (and isn't particularly likely to get this sort of detail wrong, since both he and Gary Smith are prominent figures in the tightly knit London Nazi 'rock' scene). Tursa doesn't say who beyond himself (I'm assuming here Tursa is Tony Wakeford) was in Above The Ruins, a curious omission on the part of someone challenging previously available information on the band's line-up (you can only be certain about who wasn't in Above The Ruins by knowing who did play with this 'musical' abomination).

Likewise, Tursa has clearly got it wrong when (s)he writes 'all deleted as untrue', since the original Sol Invictus bassist Gary Smith did indeed simultaneously play with both Wakeford's band and No Remorse, before leaving the fat man's group to concentrate solely on overtly Nazi 'musical' propaganda (and Smith presumably left on good terms with his former band mates since 'Sol' get a 'thank you' on the back cover of the first No Remorse album). In relation to Wakeford's membership of the British National Front, since 14 February 2007 both he and his cronies have claimed all over Wikipedia and elsewhere that: "Wakeford has had no connection or interest in such ideas for 20 or more years." However, if this is true, it is difficult to explain why Wakeford still maintains ties to occult fascists who are grouped around David Myatt (of Combat 18 split The National Socialist Movement and Nazi 'male mysteries' group The Order of Nine Angles, which is called by many non-Nazi occultists The Order of No Members both because of the paucity of followers and due to the few there are being 'a bunch of cunts'). However, Myatt acolyte Richard Moult contributed the art work to Wakeford's "Into The Woods" album. Likewise, Gary Smith's love affair with Nazism is well documented via his membership of No Remorse, while Ian Read's interest in both fascism in general and more specifically The Order of Nine Angles runs even deeper than Wakeford's; and it is less than 20 years since Wakeford stopped playing 'music' with either of these two talentless creeps.

One European Nazi music website gives the original release date of "Songs of the Wolf" on cassette as 1984 (many sources used to suggest 1986 but I now know this to be the release date of the mini-album on vinyl, the cassette did first appear in 1984 as a number of non-Nazi discographies are now beginning to state - note added 28 July 2008), and another creates the impression that Above The Ruins was initially a side project from Death In June (I now also view this are probably true, since among other things the anti-fascist monthly Searchlight said so in their November 1997 "Rocking For Satan" feature - note added 28 July 2008). This makes sense when one understands how Death In June front 'boys' (they're too immature to be described as men) Doug Pearce and Tony Wakeford ran their previous band Crisis; Pearce had joined the International Marxist Group which enabled his pop combo to bag Anti-Nazi League concerts, while Wakeford was a member of the Socialist Workers Party which got them on the bill at Rock Against Racism and Right To Work events. Pearce and Wakeford's manipulation of Trotskyite organisations to develop and promote their 'musical' 'careers' in the late-seventies was extremely cynical. And that despite the fact that Wakeford, who was illiterate until he was in his early twenties, was taught the rudiments of reading and writing by a school teacher he met through the SWP.

Moving on, it seems that Wakeford maintained a close personal relationship with Death In June members Doug Pearce and David Tibet even after leaving this group due to his membership of the National Front having become a matter of public knowledge. The following is conjecture on my part, but given all this I am left wondering if it was decided within Death In June that one of the group should join the National Front to further their 'musical' 'careers' among far-Right circles, and that if this membership should be publicly exposed then that person would have to leave DIJ so that it could continue to operate in a less restricted arena than that afforded by the Nazi 'music' scene. As I've learnt more about the political history of Death In June and Tony Wakeford, I've become increasingly uneasy about David Tibet's role in that group and Wakeford's attempts at 'post-fascist' rehabilitation. Indeed, I now feel that David Tibet has as much apologising and explaining to do as Wakeford - and possibly more.

Pearce, Wakeford and Tibet have played key roles in spawning a 'neo-folk' (AKA 'dark' or 'apocalyptic' folk) 'music' scene much of which is openly fascist, and despite the tendency of this trio to remain coy about their own right arm problems, the younger bands that look up to them like Waldteufel and Von Thronstahl share their obsession with Nazi imagery. All of these saddos need reactionary politics to help sell their 'music', the tracks they release are so dire they wouldn't reach the dizzy heights of 500 (and sometimes even a few more) copies sold without the frisson of fascist gimmickry. And as the Sol Invictus inner circle knows only too well, Wakeford needs every penny he can get from sales and concert appearances so that he can pay off his credit card debts (he isn't bright enough to understand how credit works, hence his endless and tuneless lyrical references to 'usury' and 'gold' - he should read more Marx; oops, I nearly forgot, Lard Arse still finds reading joined up writing a bit of a challenge).

To conclude, if Wakeford and Tibet are not fascists (or are no longer fascists) then they need to be seen to make a clean break with their past (which also entails being up front and honest about it). This is their problem and they could sort it out themselves if they wanted to, but it appears they don't want to sort it out. Instead they prefer to lie about their own and each other's pasts. Draw your own conclusion but personally I hope this pair of jerk offs just drop dead (not too unlikely in Wakeford's case since he is so obese it is causing him serious medical problems).

Stewart Home 4 July 2007.

I haven't given names or urls for various Nazi sites mentioned above; although they aren't difficult to find, I prefer not to provide them with the oxygen of publicity. In the interests of research I also listened to both "Songs of the Wolf" and the Above The Ruins track on "No Surrender" - and let me assure you this was a truly pathetic experience. Nazis are no fun and they certainly don't know how to rock, or even how to to sing in tune...

BOYD RICE ON DAVID TIBET, DEATH IN JUNE & ABOVE THE RUINS: From "Race and Reason", an American neo-Nazi cable TV show put out by White Aryan Resistance in the mid-eighties.

Tom Metzger: You know a lot of these racialist type singers in bands in Europe and Britain, could you mention a few? I know that you know the skinheads and you've mentioned some others...
Boyd Rice: Yeah, there's a guy known as David Tibet who has a band called Current 93 whose moving more and more towards racialist stuff and he's friends with some people called Death In June who are very racialist orientated and we were, there actually Death In June is quite popular now. And there's another electronic band called Above The Ruins which there's a guy in it who is in Skrewdriver, that's a British skinhead band.
Tom Metzger: Now is that group more like National Socialist orientated or fascists or what?
Boyd Rice: Which group?
Tom Metzger: Well the last group Above The...
Boyd Rice: Death In June? Oh Above The Ruins...
Tom Metzger: Above The Ruins.
Boyd Rice: Oh I haven't really heard Above The Ruins yet, I've just heard of them, but I know there's one guy from Death In June and one guy from Skrewdriver, so I assume its fascist.
Third man also identified as Tom: I have to interject there, electronic music is very white just by its very nature, you don't see too many non-whites listening to that, it seems intrinsically white to me...

While I've seen this, I don't know the exact recording or broadcast dates which are circa 1986. It would seem this interview is the original source for the rumour that Nazi bonehead Ian Stuart of Skrewdriver was in Above The Ruins. That said, while Tony Wakeford was politically close to Ian Stuart at this time, I have seen no convincing evidence that they actually played together. Boyd Rice does not say who from Skrewdriver plays in Above The Ruins, so even if he is correct on this detail it doesn't follow that Ian Stuart was in the band because it may be another member of Skrewdriver who is being invoked. It strikes me as possible that Rice is confusing Skrewdriver and No Remorse, and that he is referring to Above The Ruins bass player Gary Smith who was simultaneously playing with Wakeford and Nazi skinhead band No Remorse. However, since Ian Stuart ran a number of side projects to his main band Skrewdriver, it remains possible (although to me it seems unlikely) that he had some involvement with Above The Ruins. This interview also makes it clear that Rice who worked closely with David Tibet, Doug Pearce and Tony Wakeford over many years, was at this time a racist and a fascist (and I suspect he probably still is, since - to give just one example - he's never adequately explained or apologised for his involvement with the American Front).

For those who want a glimpse of the domestic lives of these musical Nazis, then Lisa Crystal Carver's memoir "Drugs Are Nice" (Snowbooks, London 2006) provides an outline of the time she spent living with and financially supporting Boyd Rice. Amazingly it isn't until after narrating how Rice was jailed for assaulting her that Carver finally calls this alcoholic failure an 'unemployed fascist'. Before and to an extent even after Carver came along, Rice depended on financial handouts from his mother.

In her memoir Carver describes returning to the windowless basement flat she shared with Rice and their baby son Wolfgang after a holiday she'd taken without him: "In the centre of each room there's a puddle of light from a dangling bulb left on twenty-four hours a day, but light can't bounce off black walls or a red ceiling. Or a carpet of discarded black clothes and MacDonald's wrappers. It looks how it did the first time I came here, only worse. I make my way through the rooms with Wolfgang in my arms, my mouth hanging open. I reach the kitchen. The sink is filled with crusty dishes. The coffee pot is on and the coffee has burnt down to a thick black sludge on the bottom. Vodka in the freezer, no food in the fridge. The cat has no water. Now the bathroom. Shit covers the toilet bowl, inside and top. It's not only really gross - it makes no sense. How does someone get so much shit all around? The ring in the bathtub is thick and black. Both sink faucets are broken and running freely... I open the door to the final room. A giant Nazi flag is taped to the wall. Right next to the Tomorrowland Disney poster. I clear a spot on the floor for Wolf to play, give him some toys, and I sink down onto the futon beneath the Nazi flag..." (pages 145-6).

I have heard descriptions of Tony Wakeford's south London council flat which are every bit as disgusting as this. I've also been told a woman who was staying for a time in Wakeford's spare bedroom was so appalled by the mess she set about spring cleaning. The toilet was in such a state she coated it with caustic soda and went to bed intending to clean the caustic soda and encrusted shit off in the morning. Wakeford got up in the night and sat down on the toilet, because he is so fat he sank down and got caustic soda all over his balls, causing him to scream in agony for hours. This incident may even have been the inspiration for the Whitehouse song "My Cock's On Fire".

Additional information on Boyd Rice and his fascist friends added 7 July 2007.

More Shit on Wakeford (total trivia)

The following is strictly for those fascinated by the fact that gobbling down huge quantities of junk food appears to bring on irritable bowel syndrome in middle-aged men with a stiff right arm problem. A supposed friend of Wakeford's reports that she fairly recently visited the toilet in his flat and was revolted to see a quantity of fresh shit smearing both the pan and the seat - the individual who told me about this concluded that either Wakeford: 'just wasn't bothered about personal hygiene, or he was too fat and out of condition to turn around to properly clean up in so small a space, and in the latter case this might also account for his large framed picture of Julius Evola having been broken and removed from the wall..."


Until very recently, when the evidence became so overwhelming that he was forced to admit the truth, Tony Wakeford would deny he'd been in Above The Ruins and instead constructed alternative histories of the period in which he was not only a National Front activist heavily involved in fascist street violence, but simultaneously a leading Nazi 'musician' (well there wasn't a lot of competition, so by default Wakeford was one of the Front's best punk squealers, oops, I mean screamers). There follows just one example of Wakeford being extremely economical in dealing with the truth when detailing his life in the mid-eighties, it comes from "England's Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (SAF Publishing, London 2003, pages 173-4): "I was dealing drugs and had got heavily into the whole seamy South London gangster scene," Wakeford confesses. "We were selling weights of dope the size of a concrete block and my partner had a gun. It wasn't big stuff but it was big enough to end in tears. It was getting worse and worse and I woke up one morning thinking, if this carries on then I'm going to end up dead. I was so pissed off with Death In June for so long that I couldn't imagine doing my own music again. But I realised that music was about the only thing I was good at. So I went into town and bought an acoustic guitar and came back and started writing. It was just one of those moments, you know? If I hadn't got that guitar that day, I'd be in prison now or dead. The first stuff that I wrote became the first Sol Invictus songs."

Ah, it's like Above The Ruins never happened, but we know it did, and since in the recent past - as this citation demonstrates - Wakeford couldn't be trusted to tell the truth about his own involvement in the Nazi 'music' scene, there is absolutely no reason to believe him now when he claims that Above The Ruins and Sol Invictus aren't the same band; he is desperate to hide the origins of Sol Invictus in the fascist (British) National Front - and while the name changed and after the 'first' Sol Invictus album was recorded (really the second Sol Invictus album, the first is "Songs of the Wolf" credited to Above The Ruins) the line up started to change too, it seems the political song remained the same. And as long as Wakeford refuses to be honest about his past, his claims that he is no longer involved in fascism simply don't wash (especially when he deals with those he works with on 'musical' projects being exposed as fascists by deleting his online references to them; that said, these clumsy attempts to hide this problem come as no surprise from a man who recorded "The Guilty Have No Pride", an aptly crass title for a piece of 'musical' junk). If Wakeford is serious about putting his 'past' behind him, he needs to stop lying and provide a detailed account of his involvement with fascism, including his very active participation in fascist violence and the Nazi 'music' scene. Once he's done this and apologised for it, then and only then, it might be possible to take seriously any claims he might make about not being a fascist.

From David Keenan's book on "neo-folk", with an aside on Tibet and Wakeford's curious friends....

"After returning from Iceland (early 1988), (David) Tibet (of Current 93) briefly moved in with Paul Donman. until a room came up in Tony Wakeford's flat.... Until now Wakeford had been playing bass for Current 93, but with Pearce out of the country for long stretches with Death In June, Wakeford stepped in to work up music for Tibet's lyrics on acoustic guitar. In the meantime, Current took a sidestep from the new folk sound of "Swastikas For Noddy" to release their heaviest and most rock-relevant album, "Christ and the Pale Queens Mighty in Sorrow", where Wakeford's electric bass and Pearce's incongruous drums leave parts sounding almost new wave.... In 1988 housemates Tibet and Wakeford came up with a mini-album, "Earth Covers Earth"... " "England's Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (SAF Publishing, London 2003, pages 173-5).

...and we'll follow with a little more from David Keenan after providing background on two of those he'll be mentioning that is missing from his text (I understand this may be due to David Tibet phoning Keenan's publisher and suggesting certain parties - not Tibet himself - might sue if various pieces of information he'd seen in the manuscript copy were not removed from the printed edition). From an article in the anti-fascist magazine "Searchlight" entitled "Give Me That Old Time (Nazi) Religion...": "One of Britain's weirdest pagan fascist cults, the 'Odinic Rite', has become a registered charity... run by ageing fascist John Yeowell from his home in East London... A key lecturer at his occasional 'moots' or gatherings, often held in London's Conway Hall, is Richard Lawson (best man at Tony Wakeford's wedding circa 1999), whom "Searchlight" recently exposed as a key speaker at the Iona/Scorpion conference in London ("Searchlight" also exposed Above The Ruins/Sol Invictus member Ian Read as organising security at Iona events - in its issues of both April 1990 and November 1997 - note added 28 july 2008).... Another interesting speaker at the Iona conference was Freya Aswynn... Freya Aswynn uses her phoney name because she is wanted by the Dutch police: she is also closely linked with former British Movement activist Alan Winder, an associate of Tony Malski, the man who plotted to bomb the Notting Hill Carnival in 1981. More recently the unlovely Freya has orchestrated a campaign of pickets, letters and trouble over a decision to give a black singer a role in a Wagner opera. Yeowell is scared that the antics of this witless woman will cost him his charitable status..." ("Searchlight" May 1989 - number 167).

Returning to Keenan, who is writing about the mid-eighties (the exact year isn't immediately apparent but either 1987 or earlier), he says: "...Freya Aswynn, a dedicated priestess of Odin... had a spare room in the house she owned in London's Tufnell Park, and very soon (David) Tibet was ensconced in her former Odinic Temple, which became his bedroom... Douglas Pearce (Wakeford's old bandmate from Death In June) moved into the room next door... Ian Read, a musician and student of the Northern Mysteries, lived on the other side of the corridor..." "England's Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (SAF Publishing, London 2003, pages 148-9).

After both recording with and playing live in the bands Sol Invictus (aka Above The Ruins) and Current 93, Read went on to form the group Fire + Ice. Freya Aswynn also appeared either live and/or on records with - among others - the bands Current 93 (run by David Tibet) and Death In June (run by Douglas Pearce). These bands also frequently appeared together as a concert package in the nineteen-nineties.


As indicated above, Tony Wakeford and his immediate circle of fascist friends are very active on the web promoting themselves and simultaneously covering up a staggering quantity of Nazi involvements and connections (see above for more on this). I've seen material about Wakeford and his chums all over the place; the number of Wikipedia entries for them is ridiculous (with individual entries for Sol Invictus albums etc.) and these remarkably similar pieces of writing (often word for word the same) can also be found elsewhere, such as in the Above The Ruins entry at Last.fm: "After being asked to leave Death in June, Tony Wakeford formed Above the Ruins and released one album, Songs of the Wolf. The album's sound was similar to the dark post-punk of early Death In June. Wakeford then took a few years off to study magic and politics, and when he returned to making music in 1987 it was under the name of Sol Invictus."  The claim that Wakeford took time off from making music is an outright lie and the study of politics and magic alluded to here was alongside fellow fascists such as Ian Read (of Wakeford's Above The Ruins/Sol Invictus band) in organisations such as a National Front splinter group called  IONA and The Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT). For a reference to Wakeford's involvement in the IOT see "England's Hidden Reverse" by David Keenan (page 173); for more about IONA see above.

According to the Wikipedia entry on Ian Read, he became leader of the English IOT "in the early 1990s after founder Peter Carroll stepped down as leading Magus. Read is currently the editor of the IOT's Chaos International (magazine)." The same Wikipedia entry on Read states he: "began his musical career with Current 93 and contributed vocals to the tracks, Benediction and Malediction on the 1987 album, Swastikas for Noddy as well as Loony Runes, recorded in 1990. He aided Douglas P. on the Death In June album, Brown Book and appeared on Crooked Crosses for the Nodding God, a reworking of Swastikas for Noddy, with new tracks and arrangements. In 1987 Read joined Tony Wakeford's Sol Invictus along with Karl Blake. Read recorded three albums and an EP with Sol Invictus before leaving to form the band Fire + Ice in 1991." Read's contribution of Death In June's "Brown Book" was to sing "The Horst Wessel", a Nazi song. Likewise, we see in this Wikipedia entry another part of the ongoing cover up of the simple fact that Sol Invictus are a continuation of Above The Ruins; since while Read and Wakeford are on the first album credited to Sol Invictus and entitled "Against The Modern World", Karl Blake (who like some other later members of the group isn't a Nazi and doesn't play on “Against The Modern World”) wasn't recruited into the band until after Gary Smith and Liz Grey who do play on that album had left the group (circa 1988). To restate this simply, Ian Read didn't join “Tony Wakeford's Sol Invictus along with Karl Blake”, Read was in the band before Blake joined it. This sort of slippage is typical of the way in which Wakeford's circle attempts to cover its fascist involvements. Hopefully once the group of people responsible for the avalanche of fascist propaganda which has engulfed the Wikipedia are blocked from that resource for this vandalism, these inaccuracies can be corrected (and anyone who wants to review them will have to look at page histories rather than the current pages).

Curiously, the Ian Read ('musician') page on Wikipedia currently also contains the following: "Most recently, he has been involved in musical projects with the bands While Angels Watch, Darkwood, Forseti and Sonne Hagal, the latter two projects in which he sang vocals in German." Well, let's look at the first of these bands, While Angels Watch, since there is an online interview with Dev of the group conducted by Peter Savelkoul of the fascist Above The Ruins webzine (this interview is easy enough to find; I don’t provide direct links to scum): (Peter Savelkoul): “What work did you do with Patrick Leagas, Gareth Smith and Alan Jeffries? (While Angels Watch): We used to write and share experiences and at the time we all lived together. In 1985 an opportunity arose to perform at a one day festival event in London which we all did together - that was the birth of While Angels Watch. Patrick went on to present Sixth Comm to the world and I played guitar on the first album (Content With Blood). Gary went on to join the first line-up of Sol Invictus (with Tony Wakeford and Ian Read) and Alan used to play the WASP!” So nothing about No Remorse or Above The Ruins when Gary Smith is mentioned; these people all help each other cover up their pasts (and present). Rumour has it that Wakeford's girlfriend of the mid-eighties also played on at least one early Sixth Comm release with the original Death In June drummer Patrick Leagas, I guess it was a 'family' affair. Patrick Leagas has played with While Angels Watch as recently as 2005, and Ian Read’s connection to the band has already been noted. While Angels Watch are also involved with fascist activist Troy Southgate and his band HERR; eight years ago anti-fascist investigators suggested to me that Wakeford and one of his fans Mike Shankland were part of Southgate's attempts at Nazi regroupment under the rubric of “Anarchist Heretics” (i.e. national anarchists AKA fascists).

In the “Dark Life Fanzine” (also online and easy enough to find, I won’t link to scum), the same Mike Shankland writes about the While Angels Watch CD “Dark Age” “taking the Dark Folk scene by storm”; like wow, maybe the pre-orders on this reached double figures, although it was still issued in a limited edition since only about a dozen people are interested enough in these musical abominations to part with hard cash for them! The “Dark Age” platter features a line-up that includes two recent Sol Invictus members (Matt and  Jane Howden) and one old member (Ian Read). The connections between the initial eighties line up of Above The Ruins/Sol Invictus and While Angels Watch (featuring Patrick Leagas when he was still around Death In June; Leagas didn't fall out with band mate Doug Pearce until several years after his June 1985 departure from their joint group) demonstrate that the idea that relations between Wakeford and his ‘former’ band mates were ever really broken off is a myth. Wakeford remained close to Death In June even after he’d ‘left’ the group, and beyond the fact that Wakeford had joined the National Front, virtually everything else Douglas Pearce of Death In June told me about this at the time (1984) has turned out to be a lie.

Likewise, the last time I spoke to David Tibet (about eight years ago, after running into him by chance), he told me that Wakeford had really sorted himself out with regard to his fascist involvements, and to illustrate this Tibet told me some stories about going with Wakeford to a "Rock Against Communism" festival featuring Skrewdriver and various other Nazi ‘rock’ bands. I was left wondering what Tibet thought he was doing at this fascist event, which took place at a time (mid-eighties) when I’d been told no one involved in Death In June (as he still was, although I didn't know him at that time) was having anything to do with Wakeford. I am now also left wondering whether perhaps Above The Ruins were on the bill at this "Rock Against Communism" “meet”; incidentally, this particular “rally” was a spectacular financial success, not due to the bands attracting much of a crowd but because the National Front organisers acquired some out of date beer, and sold it to the small bonehead audience at a huge profit since they didn't give a toss about the fact that as a result their followers would became violently ill (yes indeed, most of the fascist cadre present ended up either puking or with the shits).

Moving on, I was introduced to Tibet by a third party in 1991, he then suggested meeting for a drink; when I subsequently rendezvoused with him, a number of his anarcho-punk acquaintances (from Flux of Pink Indians etc.) were present and one in particular was fawning over Tony Wakeford (who I didn't know would be there). Tibet had already told me Wakeford was now “alright” and that I shouldn't refuse to speak to him should we run into each other (I’d checked this out with Anti-Fascist Action who’d told me they had nothing on Wakeford). The anarchists who were around when I went to meet Tibet being so friendly toward Wakeford made it look like he was okay, although in retrospect I feel I was set up. I knew Wakeford had been in the National Front, and Tibet gave me the impression his anarcho-punk friends did too, but I now have my doubts about this. Similarly, Tibet never volunteered such basic information as the fact he’d lived with Wakeford, and the first time I learnt about this was a few months ago when I read it in David Keenan’s book “England’s Hidden Reverse” (I didn't know Pearce and Tibet had lived together with Freya Aswynn and Ian Read either until I read it in this book) – and I'm not the only person to feel I was lied to and kept in the dark by Pearce, Wakeford and Tibet (who it seems to me acted in concert).

In recent years external pressure applied to Wakeford by anti-fascist activists has forced him to make a couple of ridiculous statements about his politics. For example in a short text posted on 19 January 2005 and produced as part of an unsuccessful rear-guard action to prevent German Sol Invictus concerts being cancelled, Wakeford stated: "I have been asked if I would make a statement regarding some accusations that have been made. In the past I have always refused, as I knew that anyone who works with or knows me would be aware of how untrue these accusations are. However, I have been told that it would help if I did made things clear. I and Sol Invictus have no interest in or connection to any totalitarian ideology and that includes Nazism.” As if having been a member of the National Front didn't demonstrate an interest in and connection to Nazism! Indeed, even the line Wakeford takes on this was developed by the faction of the NF he exited that organisation with (which went on to group itself around the fascist “Scorpion” magazine – a publication which gave Wakeford’s “Songs of the Wolf” album a rave write-up when it was released - and IONA), and who by the late-eighties were using the come-on that they were ‘against all totalitarianisms” (but especially communism and all other ‘threats’ to what they euphemistically called “European particularity”, i.e. white supremacy).

Wakeford’s claim “that anyone who works with or knows me would be aware of how untrue these accusations are” (i.e. that he is or at least was a fascist) is a bluff, since leaving aside his fascist friends, those who knew Wakeford and then began to suspect these ‘accusations’ were true (as indeed they are) – such as me, and for example, former Sol Invictus member Karl Blake – no longer have anything to do with him precisely because of his utter failure to make a clean break with far-Right politics. The fact that Wakeford is happy to keep his openly fascist “Songs of the Wolf” album available (and even if this was only so that he could make money from its sale that would be reason enough to castigate him, but there is more to it than that), is on its own pretty conclusive evidence of his lack of sincerity when he claims he is not a Nazi..

It may be useful to mention here that there are different ways to define what a Nazi is, and obviously if one is using the term in a restricted historical sense then only members of the original NSDAP (Hitler’s Nazi Party) are Nazis. However, most people are familiar with the concept of the neo-Nazi, and the fact that when someone born in the second half of the twentieth century is called a Nazi the term is not being used in its original sense. The term Nazi is now widely understood as referring to a white racist with an unhealthy interest in twentieth century ‘Germanic’ right-wing politics and 'culture'. In this sense Wakeford and those around him are Nazis; although they now choose to use different labels to describe themselves including “national anarchist”, “conservative revolutionary”, “national Bolshevik”, “neofolk musician”, “magus” (or Magnus to use Wakeford's habitual misspelling of this word) etc. One can see how they, and some of those who influenced them such as Hitler’s favourite author Ernst Junger, felt able put their hands on their hearts and claim not to be Nazis (which is not at all the same thing as claiming not to be a fascist – which they, like Junger, clearly are – Nazism is simply one variety of fascism). And at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter what label you put on reactionary politics of this type – the people who embrace this authoritarian and racist bilge are scum!

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Lard Arse Wakeford: Still A Fat Fascist Weasel After All These Years
On 14 February 2007 Tony Wakeford posted a short message on his website and one of his MySpace profiles: "….Many years ago I was a (sic) once a member of the National Front. It was probably the worse decision of my life and one I very much regret. … this is the last public statement I plan to make on the subject…. In the end people will either have to believe me or not." A year later (13 February 2008), an interview with Wakeford which went into this matter in a little more detail was posted on the MySpace profile of his indie record label.

This new MySpace interview with Wakeford was undertaken with the participation of Reeve Malka and orchestrated by Peter Webb (a University of Birmingham sociology lecturer who actively promotes the far-Right neo-folk music scene). Wakeford's 2007 rhetoric claiming he planned no more public statements on his fascist involvements is the kind of stupidity to be expected from him (at less than 200 words this planned 'last' statement was also his longest on the subject at the point it was made), and his failure to stick to his intensions is indicative of both a weak personality and the ways in which he matches the fascist character type delineated by Klause Theweleit in the two volumes of "Male Fantasies". As had been the case when Wakeford made his previous statement, his hand was forced by others making public facts he wished to keep secret and his band Sol Invictus having upcoming concert appearances; thus through dissembling and lies he hopes to defuse the protests that inevitably accompany his public appearances.

Webb's interview with Wakeford is an attempt to deflect criticisms already made on this page and elsewhere, but anything tricky is avoided, and so for example none of those participating come clean about Wakeford's involvement in and commitment to organized Nazi street violence (Webb should have been aware of this when he made the interview, Malka may not have been).

After I criticized Wakeford for selling his openly fascist Above The Ruins album via his website, he dropped it from his mail order operations and brought Malka in to help him run the business, but this pair are still peddling early Sol Invictus releases featuring old school Nazi Gary Smith on bass. All of which raises the question of whether Gary Smith still receives monies for the jackbooted anchor he contributed to Sol Invictus recordings.

However, even if the original Sol Invictus bassist doesn’t benefit from ongoing payments for his contributions to the band, all the group’s recordings need to be deleted (no loss to the world since the throughput in question is musical garbage) if Wakeford expects anyone to believe he has broken with fascism, since the origins of this band lie in the neo-Nazi National Front and the lyrics reflect official NF ideological interests of the eighties.

Webb's interview with Wakeford demonstrates the latter still adheres to the political line of those with whom he exited the fascist National Front, by for example stressing the socialist aspect of national socialism and further instrumentalising the anti-Semitic content of Nazism by using purely rhetorically formulations to make it appear they oppose genocidal ideology (when in practice the political activity of this fraction served to buttress all forms of racism including anti-Semitism, and the main reason for the stance they took in the late-eighties was the vain hope they might jettison the Nazi tag they'd very justly earned; likewise, as Wakeford's obsessive racial stereotyping in his lyrics demonstrates. the fascist current to which he belongs is in no way averse to rhetorical anti-Semitism despite claiming to have abandoned it as a principle of political organisation).

Wakeford was initially a part of the fascist faction centred on Patrick Harrington who split the official National Front by suggesting it work with the racial-separatist rabbi Mayer Schiller (something Harrington continues to do). Emphatically demonstrating political link-ups with the likes of Schiller did not represent a break with fascism, in 2006 Harrington became General Secretary of Solidarity (the 'Union for British Workers', a front of the neo-Nazi BNP) Likewise while anti-Semitism is central to Nazi ideology, it is not a core element of all fascist creeds; that said when Nazism became the internationally dominant form of fascism in the late 1930s/early 1940s, the Hitlerites were able to push all other types of fascism (such as the Italian and Finnish varieties) into actively participating in their genocidal frenzies.

There have always been competing brands of fascism and the fact that the one to which Wakeford adheres appears to be less rabidly anti-Semitic than that of those who adopt a more openly Nazi stance, does not mean he is not contributing to a new swell of anti-Semitism. Historically fascist tendencies of the type in which Wakeford forged his belief in a far-Right cultural ‘war of position’ played a significant role in clearing a path to power for those who wished to practice genocide, so even if these fractions are unlikely to achieve power in their own right they should not be viewed with indulgence since they soften the naive up for more hardcore forms of Nazi barbarism by creating an ambience in which the racist ideology of the far-Right can grow. Likewise, Wakeford’s direct connections to Nazi bonehead bands like Skrewdriver and No Remorse (including appearing on a fascist benefit album with the former and sharing a bass player with the latter) serves to underscore the fact that the benefits old school fascists accrue from the activities of 'Nazis without Swastikas' is a matter of conscious strategy rather than being merely accidental.

To make his alleged break with fascism a reality, Wakeford needs to end his involvement with neo-folk - a 'music' scene that is stuffed full of figures with whom he shares Nazi entanglements (even if a number of these scumbags including Lard Arse are now 'sophisticated' enough to eschew waving swastikas around in public). If a group of kiddie fiddlers were standing beside a school playground and claiming it was just chance that they'd met there and everything they were doing was completely above board, no one would believe them; it is clear that the shrill assertions of those involved with neo-folk that they are no longer fascists should be treated with similar disbelief (especially when they link themselves – as Wakeford has - to web based forums such as "Neo-Folk Against Racism" which rather than challenging dominant white racism seeks to redefine what racism is in a bid to make fascist bigotry more acceptable across the social and political spectrum, a trick those involved seem to have learnt from the fraction of the 1980s National Front grouped around Patrick Harrington).

As has happened before with various ex-members of Sol Invictus and others, some of those currently collaborating with Wakeford (for instance Malka and possibly even Webb) may have been conned into accepting Lard Arse has broken or is breaking with Nazi activism and genuinely believe the lies he’s been spinning them. If this is the case then they should use their involvements with Wakeford to encourage him to completely break with fascism and the fascist neo-folk scene, and if he refuses to end his involvements with those who share his Nazi entanglements then they should have nothing more to do with him. Wakeford is an illiterate posing as an intellectual. He relies on others whose reading and writing skills are more developed than his own to provide him with fascist ideological support. On his own Wakeford is insignificant, it is because he works in concert with both the rest of the neo-folk scene and his former NF controllers that his cultural dribblings have their poisonous effect.
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Boyd Rice in the uniform of US neo-Nazi group American Front
Boyd Rice in the para-military uniform of the US neo-Nazi grouplet American Front; Tony Wakeford played in Boyd Rice's backing band with Douglas Pearce and fellow fascist Michael Mognihan around the time this photo was taken in San Francisco in 1989. Wakeford accompanied Rice on the latter's 1989 'Total War' tour of Japan. According to 'PHJ' the far-Right author of "Battlenoise: The Blows of Martial Industrial" (2nd expanded edition War Office Propaganda, Poland 2007, pages 13 and 164) during this tour of Japan and on the subsequent live album and VHS called "In The Shadow of the Sword" (but not the later DVD of the same concert which was retitled "Live In Osaka" and shorn of its most problematic material in an attempt to deflect criticism of it as a neo-Nazi artifact) a song called 'Vengeance' was performed by Boyd Rice in "a somewhat 'actualised' form". According to 'PHJ', 'Vengeance' was written by Wakeford during his Above The Ruins period (i.e. before he became coy about his activities as a hardcore fascist activist). These days, Boyd Rice is nearly as fat as his fascist comrade Wakeford (see photo of Rice below).

Boyd Rice a fat old Nazi who needs to grow up
Libcom.org on Wakeford's comrade Boyd Rice
Like his friends and collaborators the Death In June founders Tony Wakeford and Doug Pearce, Boyd Rice has consistently embraced fascism throughout his career as a piss poor noise artist. In addition to utilising fascist uniforms and imagery and giving Nazi salutes on stage, there is wide range of evidence indicating that Rice is a Nazi at heart. Rice set up an explicitly fascist show on August 8th, 1988 in San Francisco called 8-8-88. "88" is a code phrase commonly used in fascist circles for "Heil Hitler" (H is the 8th letter of the alphabet),

Rice is also infamous for a photograph in which he is wearing the uniform of the neo-Nazi American Front and sitting next to his friend Bob Heick, the leader of the American Front at that time. In 1986, Rice was a friendly guest on the television show hosted by Tom Metzger of WAR (White Aryan Resistance). When Metzger asked Rice: "So whereas modern music propaganda is an instrument of Jewish interest and Black and so forth, you see emerging a new propaganda form for white Aryans?" Rice replied:"Yeah, yeah."

Rice founded a group called the Abraxas Foundation along with Holocaust-denier Keith Stimley. The Abraxas Foundation published a newsletter called WAKE, which told its readers that "nature adheres to an Immutable Order" in short, humanity is democratic, nature is fascist. Rice has been known to sell at his shows and read as part of his performance from a racist, anti-Semitic book called "Might is Right", by Ragnar Redbeard. "Might is Right" includes an afterword from George Eric Hawthorne, the former singer of the neo-Nazi band RAHOWA (RAcial HOly WAr) and founder of the white power music label Resistance Records. The book was edited by Katja Lane, wife of the imprisoned David Lane, a neo-Nazi member of the Order that committed several armoured car heists and murdered Jewish talk-show host Alan Berg in the 1980s. Proceeds from the book go to support David Lane and similar white supremacist political prisoners.

Though Rice claims not to be racist or neo-Nazi, he does not deny that he is a fascist and social Darwinist. According to an interview by Misanthrope, he said: "I feel that I'm a fascist, but Nazi is a real specific term. I'm a fascist in the sense of the modern bastardised meaning of the word. I'm completely against democratic values and liberalism. As if that's not repugnant enough, Rice does not conceal his hatred of women. As revealed in Misanthrope: Back to the rumours. Are you a misogynist? "Yeah." Nods fervently for the record. [Laughs.] "Yeah, more and more all the time." What makes you feel that way?
"Just a lot of experience with women. I don't think women deserve the same rights as men. I don't think women are on an equal footing with men. I think they're totally different creatures. I think the world operated better when they had less say over how the way things went, had less control."

And regarding his piece "R.A.P.E.", which is appallingly pro-rape but allegedly tongue-in-cheek: "I was poking a bit of fun, but it's like there's more than a grain of truth in everything I said in there. I think all the stuff I said was basically true. Which is why it's funny when it's funny. And it's why it upsets women, when it upsets women. Because, you know, they can't really deny most of that stuff. " "Well that's why when women start having these intellectual arguments with me I say at a certain point, "Listen, I refuse to even argue with a woman." They say, "Well, why is that?" and I say, "Because you overreact, you get all emotional, and fly into a tizzy." Even Boyd Rice's former lovers do not deny his racist and fascist tendencies. According to an interview with Rice's former girlfriend Lisa Suckdog: "His audience is all Nazis and Satanists and they have their own hall and they do their Nazi racist stuff.
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