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For information about Stewart Home's many novels see BOOKS above.

Small selection of short fiction by Stewart Home

Cheap Night Out (satire: literary bores discover industrial music)
Cunt Lickers Anonymous (short story satire of 90s London art world)
Do It Yourself Schizophrenia (short story inspired by Larry O'Hara)
Get Yourself Killed ('punk' fiction)
Goddess of Spam (short story about belief, web 2.0 & London art world)
Heading For The Texas Border (short story about sex & anti-imperialism)
Larry O'Hara Stars In Stereo Love (short story)
Rigor Mortis (short story about bent old bill)
Toilet Love (short story about sex and drugs)
True Blue Confessions Of Larry O'Hara Spook Buster (short story)
Web Sex Archive of Karl Marx (short story about economy & web 2.0)

Live spoken word performances of Stewart Home reciting his fiction can be found in the audio section of this site.

Some of the fiction on this site not by Stewart Home

The Islamic Millennium by Osama bin Laden

ad for Blood Rites of the Bourgeoisie

Suspect Device edited by Stewart Home cover