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Sample Texts
Feuding Considered as Performance Art from Disputations
Smears, Moles and Dirty Tricks
The Anatomy of a Smear

Some of the documents from the feuds reproduced as appendix to Anatomy of a Smear:
Green and Brown Anarchist
User Friendly Nazis
Letter to Freedom
The Sordid Truth About Stewart Home
As the Thin Veneer of Sanity Starts to Fade

More feuding with Green Anarchist
Another Green Anarchist Smear Bites the Dust
The Gasman Cometh (story not by Stewart Home)
Green & Brown Assholism

from Disputations on Green Anarchist & Larry O'Hara (not by Home)
One Green Anarchist, One Bullet

More Feuding With Larry O'Hara & His Chums
Don't Give Up The Day Job by Stewart Home
Fakes, Forgeries and Diverse Dirty Tricks by Stewart Home
Larry O'Hara Short Story Competion Winner 1996 by Stewart Home
Stereo Love by Stewart Home
Do-it-Yourself Schizophrenia by Stewart Home
Revelations by Gondi
Nude Sppookbuster by Gondi
Autism or Schizophrenia? by Stewart Home
Ambient/Anti-Ambient (sleeve notes to Stewart Home CD)
Adventures in Indepent Mind Control (on use of satire against O'Hara)
Manufacturing Dissent by Monty Cantsin X 6
Why I Believe My Mother Knew Michel Prigent (some feuds just go on & on)

Selections from DISPUTATIONS ON ART, ANARCHY AND ASSHOLISM relating to feuding
Introduction by Stewart Home
The Art of Chauvinism in Britain and France by Stewart Home
Home 'Truths' by John Roberts
From Arse to Arsehole by Stewart Home
Vermeer II by Stewart Home
To Transvalue Value by Stewart Home
Stewart Home workfortheeyetodo by David Burrows
Letter to Art Monthly 8/10/96 by Stewart Home
Letter to Art Monthly 13/11/96 by Stewart Home
Anarchism and the Bolshevisation of Culture by Stewart Home
To Make Shame More Shameful by Stewart Home

Stewart Home: My Tactics Against Anarchist Studies
A curious exhange of letters with Anarchist Studies

Letter from Stewart Home to Head Magazine of 8/9/99
Into The Eco-Fascist Sewer With The Fifth Estate

More feud material is available; look to the stars or try the British Library.

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Stewart Home performing in Holborn

Above: Arch-wind up merchant Stewart Home.

Larry O'Hara bottles it

Larry O'Hara bottles it

Above: Larry O'Hara hates Stewart Home almost as much as he hates himself. Larry O'Hara is stupid.

Istvan Kantor & nurse blood performance

Above: Fellow Neoist Istvan Kantor, bad blood with Stewart Home.