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These pages contain texts in response to the Green Anarchist paper and the conspiracy trial that included those associated with Green Anarchist (known as the GAndALF trial), which took place in 1997 and ended in 1998 with quashed convictions and an abandoned second trial. Articles from Green Anarchist itself were up on the web, we haven't linked directly to them because of our antipathy to the ideology they articulate (but for as long as they remain up they should be easy enough to find via a search engine).

Letter from Noel to Schnews written xmas 97 while in jail

The GANDALF trial by Noel Molland from Arkangel issue 19

12 Weeks in Portsmouth by Simon Russell from ALFSG newsletter

Counter Info Statement on Green Anarchist

ACE on Green Anarchist

Stewart Home on Green Anarchist

Unpopular Books on Green Anarchist
* One Green Anarchist, One Bullet
* Into the Sewer with Green Anarchist
* Green Parasite
* Militant Spasm (inc extract from Fifth Estate)
* Red Alert (on ICC and Green Anarchist)
* GA clutches at straws from Cultwatch (May 1999)
* Green Conartist

Unpopular Books published Green Apocalyse in 1995. You may be able to locate a printed copy via sources such as AK Distribution or Abe Books. This web version of it is currently incomplete.

Here is a list of some other relevent texts:

Leaflets by Unpopular Books:
* Sucked
* Tale of Two Shitheads
* Probgoblin
(concerning Dave Black of Hobgoblin mag)
* Anarcho-Fascists Attempt to Organise
* Larry O'Hara Short Story Competition flyer
* Militias: Rooted in White Supremacy

* Leaflets by Stewart Home including:
* Green Anarchism Exposed
* Another Green Anarchist Smear Bites the Dust
* Larry O'Hara Short Story Competition winning entry
* Various articles from Re:Action

Other material
* GAandALF Folly by Space Bunny
* Defend the Anarchist Movement
flyer by Space Bunny of ACE
* Extracts of email from Kirsty of London GANDALF to Space Bunny
* Irrationalism: Steve Booth Against "The Machine" in Black Flag no. 215 page 24-25, page 34. See also Black Flag: no 213, no. 214 page 29;no 216, No 217. Plus Black Flag article on Incitement from 1983.
* Smear of Stewart Home and others by David Watson Fifth Estate issue 350 and letters in issue 351

* Organise No. 49 (p 15), No 50 ( http://www.afed.org.uk )
* Lancaster Bomber
* Into the 90's with Green Anarchist
by Steve Booth
* Green Anarchist paper especially issue 51 'Irrationalists' article page 16,
* Letter from Green Anarchist to ACE dated 21 May 1998 published in Green Anarchist 52 summer 98,
* Letters in Anarchy: A Journal of Armed Desire
* Various GANDALF leaflets
* Do or Die no. 7
* Review in Freedom Press Vol.59 No 13 4 july 1998
* Here and Now No 16/17

* Into The Eco-Fascist Sewer With The Fifth Estate by Stewart Home
* Green & Brown Assholism
by Stewart Home

Please note that authors and distributors of some of these text hold diametricaly opposed positions on various issues.

This page was put together a very long time ago by Space Bunny. Contact him via contact page.

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Anarchist Integralism

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Green Apocalypse