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THE GREEN APOCALYPSE published by Unpopular Books

Main Section
Introduction by Richard Essex
The Sucking Pit by Luther Blisset (in this instance aka Stewart Home)
Lessons From History: The Stauffenberg File by Richard Essex (review)
The Anatomy of a Smear by Stewart Home

Organised Chaos (Article Oct '94)
Green and Brown Anarchist (2/S A4 March '95)
Green Anarchism Exposed (2/S A4 April '95)
User Friendly Nazis: How Green Was My Holocaust
Freedom Correspondence
The Sordid Truth About Stewart Home/another letter to Freedom (1995)

Many of the documents from Green Apocalypse have not been placed on this website. Space Bunny who created this site in 1999 intended to place them all up here eventually; however this had not been achieved by Fall 2006 when he passed the running of the site on. While the Richard Essex texts from the main section of Green Apocalypse have just been added (Fall 2006), the task of providing all the documents from the supplementary section is now low on the priorities of this site. Indeed, given the fact that many of these documents are simply smears, it is perhaps better if their circulation is not casually broadened and instead those with a deep interest in these matters are directed to the printed versions in The Green Apocalypse.

Green Apocalypse (ISBN 1 871593 66 6) is no longer available for 3.50 pounds from UNPOPULAR BOOKS; Box 15, 138 Kingsland High Street, London, E8 2NS (address defunct). You may be able to find used copies from Abe Books or elsewhere. Copies were left with the British Library and other national deposit libraries, so hopefully reading copies of The Green Apocalypse are available through these institutions.

The main texts from Green Apocalypse were also made available in a German language translation by the revolutionary magazine Sklaven.

More analysis of Green Anarchist

More on Feuds

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