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ONE GREEN ANARCHIST, ONE BULLET, FINGER ON THE TRIGGER & PULL IT! Green Anarchist Throw Off the Mask of Liberalism! by Unpopular Books

In Green Anarchist No.39 (Autumn '95, page 24) Green Anarchist ran a proposal to set up a Green Colony in Southern Africa: "I propose the primitivist anarchist community gets off its arse to build and maintain a village as an example to not only the fanatical, class structured, Kropotkin toting anarchists but society in general. It'd be a nice to get away from it all. One can purchase 600 acres in Zimbabwe or Mozambique for US$66,000. This includes a double storey house with electricity and water. There's cheaper land available. I know someone who for US$2,100 purchased 1,550 square metres of undeveloped coastal land. In the next four years I hope to contact and enlist the support of 100-500 primitivist anarchists. These people should not only have the necessary finance but also the required able bodies and mental capabilities to establish a settlement."

The author Renato (or should that be Renamo) Quaroni goes on to sketch out building up a mailing list, developing guidelines and arranging access to the InterNet. GA respond to this proposal to set up a Green-ustan with the following note: "GA notes: Treat this project with caution. Given GA's security warning, you'd be mad to want your names posted in the InterNet! Renato is appealing for money because he hasn't got any. Enthusiasm is fine but get assurances about quality of land and political stability of the country it's in before committing yourself."

This is nothing short of the Nazi policy of Lebensraum or 'living space'. Whereas Nazi Germany wanted to colonise Eastern Europe, Green Anarchist is publishing proposals to do just the same in Southern Africa, although the scale of this proposal is more akin to the proto-Nazi Aryan communes set up in South America by Nietzsche's sister and others of her ilk in the 1890s. Land is cheap in Mozambique because years of war, sponsored by the South African Apartheid regime have left the country ravaged. Some of the inhabitants are so poor they arrive at the Zimbabwe border and try to sell their shoes in order to get a meal to eat. War and land mines have left many inhabitants badly injured with missing limbs. Renamo's plan excludes such people as untermensch (the Nazi term for sub-human). It is for wealthy westerners with access to substantial dollar funds.

GA publish this essentially fascist proposal as part of their "no censorship, no endorsement" policy. Aside from their usual paranoid remark about security, concern for Renamo's finances and the quality of the land, they advise the reader to "get assurances about the political stability of the country". These scum are one moment revelling in the reflected glory of the Tahitian uprising, and the next moment worrying about whether their colonists might wind up in a country where the state is insufficiently strong to suppress revolts against the property laws which allow the wealthy to exclude the poor and disabled from the land.

The Neoist Alliance issued a leaflet six months ago (Green Anarchism Exposed) pointing out the fascistic basis of GA's philosophy. Many people ignored this, dismissing it as a joke or a sectarian wrangle, as if opposing fascism is sectarianism. Just because Nazis replace swastikas with encircled As, does not make their ideas any more acceptable. Following a number of police raids on GA the Anarchist 'movement' has decomposed to such an extent that many other Anarchist groups have responded positively to GA's requests for solidarity. We say no solidarity with fascists.

Unpopular Books has published a pamphlet called Green Apocalypse. This contains two essays showing how GA's bizarre mix of fascism and anti-fascism has it roots in Bakuninism, how the GA lie machine smears those who dare criticise them, and is backed up by documentation of exchanges between the Neoist Alliance and others with GA.

Published as a leaflet by Unpopular Books, London October 1995.

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