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Stewart Home being interviewed by others

Stewart Home interviewed by Edward S. Robinson in December 2014 (on The 9 Lives of Ray The Cat Jones).
Stewart Home interviewed by Oleksiy Kuzmenko in 2011
(on writing, art, sex and cyber culture).
Stewart Home interviewed by Nigel Ayers in April 2009
(on neoism, plagiarism and failed art world hypes)
Stewart Home interviewed by The Man With No Name in October 2007 (on Memphis Underground and other stuff)
Stewart Home interviewed by Bethany Shaffer in May 2007 (on Memphis Underground and where we're headed)
Stewart Home interviewed by Michael K in April 2007 (on Memphis Underground and Web 2.0)
Stewart Home interviewed by Michael K in January 2008
Stewart Home interviewed by Rodrigo Nunes (on art & politics)
Literature & Politics
Hoax Interview
Neoism Interview
Natural Born Rebel Red Pepper (interview with Stewart Home)
Stewart Home interviewed by Alexander Laurence
Guerrilla Ontology (Stewart Home interviewed by Fabio Zucchella)
Stewart Home interviewed by Michel Comte
Fear And Loathing Vol 25 July 1994 (punk style Stewart Home interview)
Sex, Violence and Anarcho-Sadism (Stewart Home interviewed by Jussi Ahokas)
The Art of Legitimation (Interview by Simon Ford)
Five Thousand Years of Foreplay (Interview by Marko Pyhtil)
Eating, Fucking and Occultism (Interview by James Marginalised)
Stewart Home interviewed by Nik Houghton
Stewart Home interviewed about the Art Strike
Stewart Home interviewed by Tom McCarthy in 2001

Stewart Home in conversation

Stewart Home & Bill Drummond in conversation 24 November 2005

Stewart Home interviews figures of interest to him

The Art Attacks talk to Stewart Home in 1996 (1977 punk memories)
Henry Flynt talks to Stewart Home in 1989
(theorist who knew Fluxus main movers)
Jimmy Edwards talks to Stewart Home in 2010 (singer with 1960s London mod-skinhead band Neat Change, later with new wave acts Masterswtich & Time UK)
Laurence James talks to Stewart Home in 1994 (British pulp novelist)
Ralph Rumney talks to Stewart Home in 1989 (on the Situationists)
Roger Taylor talks to Stewart Home in 2004 (art is like cancer)
Mark Waugh talks to Stewart Home in 2008 (about writing and curating)
Bridget Penney talks to Stewart Home in 2007 (about her book "Index")
Stewart Home talks to himself in 1998 (bringing it all back Home)

Filmed interviews on London bohemia conducted by Stewart Home (all from 2006)

Bill Hopkins on Gallery One, Soho in the fifties etc
Francis Morland on Francis Bacon, sculpture & drug smuggling
Mikey Cuddihy on Beck Road, Helen Chadwick, Genesis P. Orridge
Barry Simth on Beck Road, Genesis P. Orridge, Add N To X
Jeremy Deller on black power, music, murder & Matthew Higgs

Stewart Home biography

Stewart Home topless photo by Chris Dorley Brown

Below: Three Signs Removed From A Shop In Whitecross Street - Triptych (2010) by Stewart Home. Installation shot of the work on display as part of Strange Attractor Salon at Viktor Wynd Fine Art, London, January 2010. The work is at the top of the picture, pieces by others are below.
Three signs removed from a shop in Whitecross Street - Triptych (2010) by Stewart Home

Below: Stewart Home in Melbourne 2004.
Stewart Home in Melbourne 2004