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A molotov cocktail of a novel. A switchback ride through an over amplified London lowlife of punch-ups, fast fucks and media hype. Pure Mania is the stuff of which cults are made - Time Out

Home's plot is more ludicrous than anything Richard Allen could have dreamed up. Cartoon Nazis and vegan vigilantes battle for supremacy around the council estates of London's East End. A new violent music cult threatens to rip apart the fabric of society and eco-death squads prowl the city streets - Blitz

A turbulent pot pourri of sex 'n' violence, Situationist polemic and rock satire - Melody Maker

This book is nasty, vulgar, pornographic, gratuitously violent, totally unoriginal and absolutely brilliant - NME

A heady and hilarious read - The Vegan

Stewart Home has the potential to give fiction the bad name it needs in these days of Booker/Granta respectability - The Face

Pure Mania is smart, belligerent and funny - i-D

Subversive - Here & Now

Garish, trashy and comic - Scotland On Sunday

ISBN 0 7486 6035 6 Polygon Books, 22 George Square Edinburgh.

Currently out of print. A print on demand version may become available soon. Check the 'BUY' link at the top of this page to see if it is released. A CD of Stewart Home reading an abridged version of the novel was released by King Mob in 1998 under the title Pure Mania; this CD appears to have been deleted but some copies still seem to be available from online retailers.

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Pure Mania by Stewart Home CD cover
Pure Mania audio CD.

sticker promoting Pure Mania

sticker promoting Pure Mania

sticker promoting Pure Mania

I plastered parts of east London with these stickers, and in the process really confused 'extremist' political parties of both 'left' and 'right', whose graphics I was parodying - they didn't have a clue what I was about.