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This site first appeared online in 1999 but it was completely remade in October 2006, with virtually every page changed and updated and dozens of new pages added. Only additions made after October 2006 are now listed on the update pages. This is the more recent of two pages containing links to updates. Updates to the blog on the back end of this site are not listed here, and if you want to see what's been added there then click this link for it. When the blog is active there are many more updates there than here.

Re-Enter The Dragon: Stewart Home at Glasgow International 2016 (Page added 14 July 2017).

Ann Quin At The Lost & Found (Page added 14 November 2015).

The Tarot of Photography: Is Necromancy Dead?
(Page added 13 June 2015).

Stewart Home interviewed by Edward S. Robinson (page added 14 February 2015).

Market Forces
essay about Stewart Home's relationship with the art world (page added 14 December 2014).

The Age of Anti-Ageing about Stewart Home exhbition (page added 14 December 2014).

The 9 Lives of Ray The Cat Jones about Stewart Home novel (page added 14 December 2014).

Tilt about Stewart Home solo show at Building F in London (page added 14 December 2014).

Proletarian Post-Modernism about Stewart Home spoken word album (page added 16 November 2013).

Mandy, Charlie & Mary-Jane about Stewart Home novel (page added 20 February 2013).

Toilet Love (page added 16 June 2012).

Rigor Mortis (page added 30 April 2012).

Again A Time Machine
(page added 25 November 2011).

Get Yourself Killed - short story (page added 9 October 2011).

Essay about feminist art collective Chicks On Speed (page added 11 September 2011).

Review of Ghost Milk by Iain Sinclair (page added 24 July 2011).

Introduction to the Spanish edition of Cranked Up Really High (page added 14 June 2011).

Reviews of The Party's Over & The Pleasure Girls (page added 28 May 2011).

John Latham and drugs (page added 8 April 2011).

Stewart Home interviewed by Oleksiy Kuzmenko (page added 7 March 2011).

Dope In The Age Of Innocence (page added 2 January 2011).

The films of Manchester exploitation legend Cliff Twemlow (page added 12 October 2010).

Jimmy Edwards interviewed about spending 20 years as rock's next big thing (page added 11 August 2010).

Anti-Irish racism in Thomas Middleton's prose (page added 18 July 2010).

Blood Rites Of The Bourgeoisie (page added 14 April 2010).

New BFI DVDs and London clubs (page added 8 April 2010).

I Came Back From Hell: The Barry Ellis Story (page added 7 April 2010).

From London In The Raw To Strip (page added 5 March 2010).

The Readymade Brought To Book (page added 4 March 2010).

Teddy Boy Riots & Right-Wing Angry Young Men (page added 11 January 2010).

The Real Dharma Bums: on the beatnik frenzies of Julia Callan-Thompson & Bruno de Galzain (page added 5 September 2009).

Information about the Stewart Home CD Pure Mania with links to all tracks from this audiobook (page and MP3s added 16 July 2009).

MP3s of Stewart Home's Prank Calls To Prostitutes added with links on Audio Page - scroll down to find links ((MP3s added 16 July 2006).

Stewart Home interviewed by Nigel Ayers in April 2009 (page added 11 June 2009).

On War: Robert Capa and Omer Fast at Barbican Gallery (page added 14 April 2009).

On the death of Julia Callan-Thompson (page added 14 March 2009).

Gorilla Stomp: Why Late-70s Power Pop Was Superior to Punk Slop (page added 12 March 2009).

Click This? MySpace & the Pornography of Corporately Controlled Virtual Life (page added 11 March 2009).

Blog (new section added to site 1 January 2009, new posts will not be logged in this section, you'll need to check the blog itself).

Psychedelic Art & 1960s London Drug Culture (page added 25 December 2008).

Funeral Instructions for the body of Stewart Home (page added 24 December 2008).

Claude Cahun (page added 23 December 2008).

Secretary of the Invisible (page added 22 December 2008).

Art of Ideology & the Ideology of Art (page added 21 December 2008).

The Empty Grave of Kurt Schwitters (page added 18 November 2008).

Art Strike Biennial (page added 18 October 2008).

What Is Violence? Why Curate? (page added 9 October 2008).

Art Is Dead, Burn The Museums Baby! Response to exhibition at Tate Modern Level 2 Gallery (page added 21 September 2008).

Peter Webb & The Industrialised Culture Research Network. At the same time as this was added the related page on Tony Wakeford was updated, and the old material from that page split over further pages (pages added and updated 29 July 2008).

Stewart Home interviews Mark Waugh (page added 22 July 2008).

Why I Believe My Mother Knew Michel Prigent (page added 21 July 2008).

Stewart Home interviews Bridget Penney (page added 14 July 2008).

Introduction to Lithuanian edition of "The Assault On Culture" (page added 6 July 2008).

No War But The Class War! Response to exhibition at Tate Modern Level 2 Gallery (page added 5 July 2008).

Wholly Communion On the Peter Whitehead film of the 'legendary' 1960s London beat/hippie event (page added 27 May 2008).

Save The Last Dance For Me? On art, terror & the state (page added 12 April 2008).

Around and Around. Video art and Julia Callan-Thompson in Afghanistan (page added 12 April 2008).

The Goddess of Spam. Short story about web 2.0 and the London art world (page added 12 April 2008).

Heading For The Texas Border. Short Story about sex and anti-imperialism (page added 12 April 2008).

"Nude For Satan" meets "The Irresistible Force". Exhibition at Level 2 (page added 12 April 2008).

The Web Sex Archive of Karl Marx. Short story about sex and economy (page added 12 April 2008).

The McGonagall Syndrome: Peter Webb & 'Intellectual' Decomposition at the University of Birmingham (page added 9 April 2008).

Older updates from November 2006 onwards

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